Nuage de mots sur le thème de l'hypnose
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Unlike Ericksonian Hypnosis, which will drive you in a modified state of consciousness, Humanist Hypnosis leads you to reach a greater state of consciousness. No more unconsciousness, and no hidden suggestions, for an "hypnotic trance elevation" instead of a "diving hypnotic trance". Then you can actively participate in changing the elements of your situation, keeping control, therapist merely as a guide. 

Acting on your emotions, on your "internal wounds", with a simple and effective tool that will heal your inner being, quickly and permanently.

Humanist Hypnosis links the world of "meaning", that makes us grow, heals and prevents relapses, and the "how", with its technical structures,  reachable by everybody, young or adult, alone or in couple.

Therapy with Humanist Hypnosis can be "brief". Many issues will find a solution within 1 to 4 sessions, but some "demands" will presume deep wound, which will require more time.

Indications : addictions, stress, aggression, anxiety, sleep disorders, lack of confidence, phobias, developing or optimizing your resources, separation or divorce, bereavement, palliative care, relational issues (professional, personal, couple )...

Intuition, synchronization, empathy and personal commitment are key in this supportive position.

                                                                                  Hypnosis can't replace any advice or medical treatment

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